The Passivhaus certificate: from concept to detail

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This guide interests you if ...

  • You are an architect or technician with interests in energy efficiency.
  • You are considering specializing in high energy efficiency.
  • You have a Passivhaus commission and you don't know where to start.
  • You need an online technical reference guide.
  • You need to find out why the Passivhaus certificate is known.
  • You want them to explain the Passivhaus standard in all its breadth.
  • You want to know how the Passivhaus relates to environmental certificates.

What you're going to learn:

  • Understand the basics and strategies of Passivhaus design.
  • Distinguish Passivhaus requirements by comparing them with other methods and regulations.
  • Checking, measuring and certifying guarantees the quality of the Passivhaus certificate.
  • Know the most suitable high performance products for Spanish climates.
  • Become aware of the relevance of the gap in buildings and how to configure it in detail.
  • Discover the success of the standard globally and in Spain.

Are you still interested? Well, we go into more detail following this link: