Time to decorate your home with the Christmas trends of this 2022

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More sustainable details

We are increasingly aware of the importance of removing plastic and other single-use products from our lives. This year's Christmas decoration should go that way with natural trees (which can then be transplanted, or if dried, serve as compost), and details of wood, paper or recycled cardboard. As for the ornaments, they take those inspired by theforest: reindeer, foxes, squirrels, pine leaves, pineapples ... All consequence of the eagerness to put nature inside the house. And if you want to get out of the classic a bit, you have the option of ornaments with a fun point,which are also hitting hard this year! Mittens, hot chocolate cups, the occasional rainbow, dinosaurs in houses with children... Do you have a business and want your tree to stand out? Perhaps you can use everyday objects related to your activity to decorate it.

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More natural tables

With botanical garlands and centerpieces that you can make yourself with dried branches, fruits, some candles, pineapples or cinnamon sticks. Natural textiles will be the protagonists of all tables. In pink and white, red and gold... Glass glasses and a golden cutlery will put the icing on the most sophisticated tables. Do you want your taste for details to be noticed? Try hanging a natural garland on some of the chairs. It will look super elegant. Not too many ornaments that do not leave space for the dishes, nor too much simplicity. A luminous garland and some natural twig next to the typical candles may be enough.

White Christmas

Far from the typical ornaments in red, gold and green, this Christmas we will see many environments decorated in white, blue or pink tones. Dare with a snowy tree and simple white details. If the style of your house is pulling to classic, or très chic, copy this idea to get a festive space, in harmony with your base. Artificial trees with a subtle layer of snow will be some of the ones you will see the most this year, in more minimalist environments. They feel great glass ornaments (another must right now) and those bathed in glitter to get a more glam effect. And crowning the tree is still essential? Yes, but not with the typical star. It can also be done with a crown, some doll ...

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Lighting is key

It does not matter if you live in a small apartment in the center or in a house on the outskirts, what can not be missing to achieve that typical Christmas atmosphere are the lights. To reduce consumption, the ideal is that they are battery-powered or LED. This season we will see garlands in the shape of houses, snowflakes, stars... Maximalist ornaments also have a privileged place. If you are going to decorate the tree with them, with a few it will be more than enough. Although most prefer to hang them on a wall or on the railing of the staircase. Remember that the most important thing is to enjoy decorating, without ever losing sight of the necessary harmony.

Another way to wrap gifts

We are very aware of the importance of also wrapping gifts in a much more ecological and sustainableway. This year, as it could not be otherwise, we will bet on zero waste and natural or reused materials. You can use cloth or cotton bags (which are a good gift in themselves), also cloth scraps or handkerchiefs, glass jars, paper bags, recycled cardboard or wooden boxes, kraft tape and of course, natural elements such as branches of the field, dried fruits, etc. Do you have a lot of newspaper or magazine paper at home? Use it to give a special touch to your gifts.

White and bronze

One of the trends that will hit hardest this Christmas 2021-2022 is to decorate larger trees, and with ornaments in only two colors: silver and gold, bronze and white, gold and red. They are simple mixtures that provide elegance, as long as you do not spend recharging the set. You will see balls lined in cotton fabric, velvet, wool, synthetic hair, etc ... What takes nothing is to leave the legs of the tree in sight. You'll need to cover them with Christmas motif fabrics, wicker baskets, wrapped gift packages and, if you feel like it, some lighting. Remember that the decoration should not clash with the style of your house, nor be a hindrance. Fortunately, that ostentation of past eras is over.

The terrace is also decorated

Your balcony (even if it is small), the terrace or the porch can also be decorated for Christmas. You don't have to get very complicated with the decoration, but make it noticeable with some simple details. Some curtains of lights (better if they are solar), eucalyptus crowns, paper stars, some candles in lanterns, and of course, some blanket. The railing is a good place to hang lightweight ornaments. This Christmas will also be remembered for the need to leave doors and windows open,let's also leave our exteriors prepared, with some magical details that remind us that we are celebrating and that, despite all the difficulties, we have much to celebrate.

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DECEMBER 19, 2021