TRICKS: 5 kitchen bars to learn from

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Kitchens with bars offer multiple solutions and are very practical, since they can help us divide spaces or complement more centimeters of countertop. What you do have to keep in mind is where to place it and its size, since you have to take into account some considerations so that the bar is a useful element and not a hindrance. Take into account the space around it that must be maintained or the height at which to put it, so you will get a bar of the most practical. Here are some of the kitchen bars we can all learn from.

1. The bar is a continuation of the cooking area

And as such, it will be an incredibly useful space to be able to leave the dishes, to be able to prepare dinner or simply, one more piece of countertop. But in addition, you will give it a double life, since it will also serve as a breakfast or quick dinner area. The bar was extended a few meters more to be able to give this service and at the same height, so some stools were placed just below. With this approach, a symmetrical kitchen with two parallel fronts and the space well used was obtained.

2. A bar that marks the division

When we have a kitchen open to the living room, it is convenient to separate both environments by some type of resource: it could well be the floor, either a glazed door that can be opened and closed or a breakfast bar. The best option in not very large spaces is the third, since what we will achieve will be to join the two spaces but at the same time mark the two environments visually.  A bar at the same height as the countertop will give you the option to take the step to the kitchen without having to put any doors. In your tastes is to put a bar flown or a bar with murete. Which one do you stick with?

3. A U-shaped peninsula

Installing this bar in the kitchen allowed to have a U-shaped kitchen, very useful in small spaces. The table itself, made of the same or similar material as the floor, gave a feeling of fluidity and connected spaces. In addition, a side of the bar was used to add shelves and be able to have the food well organized. An excellent idea to make the most of the space.

4. A blown bar that comes out of the last piece of furniture

Flown bars will always give a greater sense of fluidity and well-connected spaces. In addition, you will gain a few centimeters, since the stools or chairs will be able to rest underneath and will have more slack than if there were a bar with a wall, even being able to put 4 chairs instead of only 2. In addition, the visual weight of the bar is lighter and the fact of choosing it in white also helps to achieve this effect.

5. A mini kitchen that became a kitchen

Probably the fact of having a very small space forces you to turn your head more and think of more innovative solutions, doesn't the same thing happen to you? This small space, where the kitchen was tiny and almost glued to the living room, the bar served to separate both spaces and visually create a larger kitchen. Obviously it is not so, the meters are what they are but when we add a bar in such limited spaces, the effect we get is to create connected but different environments, and that makes our brain interpret it as more space.

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